Personal Exploits


• Crossing the second highest plain in the 

world on horseback, unsupported. 

(450km+ at 5500mtrs highest point) 

(Possible first, still attempting to confirm) 

• First outsider to visit Nanga Liuk (West 

Kalimantan, Borneo) Taman Balo tribe. 

North West of Puttissibau district, Kapuas 


• Pai to Mae Hong Song direct on a dirt 

bike, through hill tribe territory. (110km+) 

• Crossed Lake Titicaca in a Sea Kayak 

3800mtrs Altitude.

Personal bests: 

• Highest Mountain Climbed: 6088mtrs 

Huayna Potosi, Cordillera Real, Bolivia. 3 

days climbing. Temperatures reached -30 

• First ascent of 2012 season, Tarija 

5300mtrs, Bolivia. Winter conditions.  

• Highest Trek: 5500mtrs Alti Plano, 

Southern Peru, Cusco/Puno Districts. 

• Longest Unsupported Trek: 45 Days 

• Longest solo jungle trek: 6 days

 • Deepest Official Free Dive: 25mtrs Static 

Apnea Free diving School.